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    WHO ARE WE :

    El Arousa Tea company was founded by the Badawy group. El Arousa company has a great experience in the field of food industries for more than 50 years. Due to the rapid business growth and expansion, Badawy group has many diversified companies, one of the companies is Sherouk Land for agricultural development. The management of the group is very keen for the continuous development and quality control approaches in its operations. Meeting customer needs and achieving their satisfaction is one of the main objectives that drive the business. Sherouk Land always thrives to achieve the perfect high quality standards required by the global markets. Its production was mainly targeted to provide fresh fruits and vegetables for its global & local customers. Sherouk Land is very cautious about maintaining a safe & hygiene environment for its crops & labor.

    Sherouk Land is one of the pioneers companies in the field of agriculture in Egypt. The management of the group has carefully selected an integrated team of qualified & experienced people both local and international experts from university professors, administrative managers & agricultural engineers. All of them have the highest technical skills & experience in managing production technologies & field laboratories, which qualifies them to follow all stages of crops production. The company’s main policy is to build & maintain strong customer relationship management and each of its employees work is dedicated to serve this goal & fulfill customer’s needs.

    The company also has developed and supported exports by providing the highest production capacity for the global markets with the highest quality pursuant to the international standard specifications.


    The company aims to render an integrated agricultural company that contributes by highly qualified &distinct production pursuant to global standard requirements in order to be able to achieve global and local food safety, hygiene & freshness in the field of vegetables and fruits such as grapes, pomegranate, mango and citrus fruits with superior quality that can compete in global markets. The company also applies the latest global technology in agriculture to gain the consent of customers and also to protect the environment. In order to do so, Sherouk Land Company has established a packing plant that comprises of four production lines that is equipped with all fittings required to work throughout the year to pack its products. The raw product is received in a chilled room designated for the foregoing; accordingly the temperature is controlled inside the plant to be able to provide the suitable temperatures for packing each product. The plant strictly applies food safety& hygiene with the required industrial security procedures pursuant to global standard specifications.

    Our Mission

    Building a strong & trusted customer relationship with all our local and global customers targeted to achieve their total satisfaction.


    1. Producing different types of high quality fruits and vegetables at standard specifications pursuant to European and global standards.
    2. Preserving the environment and producing healthy products free from any chemical effects.
    3. The establishment of packing and wrapping lines pursuant to global and European standards.
    4. Maintaining the highest levels of global cleanliness and obtaining the international certificates correlated to the foregoing.
    5. Providing local and global employment opportunities to contribute to the development and evolution of the society.
    6. Achieving return on investment in order to proceed with the growth and expansion operations.


    The farms comprises of a number of plastic greenhouses in addition to a modern glass greenhouses that provide artificial environment for the growth of orchid seedlings (nurseries’ plants).