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    varieties we grow:

    1. Oweis
    2. Alfons
    3. Seddiq
    1. Keitt
    2. Naomi
    3. Haydi
    4. Kent


    Mango is considered among the main products of Sherouk Land farms. It contains a high quantity of Vitamin C and iron; accordingly, it is considered the optimum treatment for cases of anemia.  It is also rich with Beta Carotene and Glutamine. It also contains a highquantity of fibers, where the rate of fibers in the mango fruit constitutes 40% of the daily need of the person to fibers. The peeled mango fruit contains 202 calories, 1.28 fats, 50.33 carbohydrates, 5.4 fibers and 2.76 proteins. In addition to its benefit and containing such big quantity of vitamins and minerals, it has a delicious taste and is considered among the preferred summer fruits for many people.

    The number of growth cycles of mango differs according to several factors such as: Age of the tree – load status – origin of tree whether seed or graft. In case of abundant load, the tree gives one growth cycle. However in the light load year it gives 2-3 cycles. Usually every growth cycle is followed by a stillness period. In general, the vegetative growth of mango trees starts in March and continues until September; i.e. it takes approximately seven months after which the growth stops until February; i.e. approximately five months.

    Sherouk Land farms produce several varieties of foreign and local mangos with high capacity production pursuant to global standard specifications.

    Technical Information

    Harvest season begins from late May through October according to variety maturation and foctors concerning exportation and transportation.

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