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    Grapes are considered one of the promising fruit crops in the Arab Republic of Egypt after citrus fruits. It is an important fruit crops that is exported to the countries of Europe and the Arab world. The fruit has achieved a large leap in recent years with regards to the surface area, production and the export quantities.

    Grapes are considered one of the main products for Sherouk Land farm. It is a widely spread fruit crop in Egypt and is considered among the most important fruit crops. It is distinguished by the variety of its brands, which allows better competition in different global markets.

    The farm provides a selected group of the best seedless table grapes available worldwide. The packing season for grapes commences in May.

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    Kind of soil:

    Grapes grow well under different types of soil (light – medium – heavy). Some varieties of grafted grapes have the ability to withstand and grow in a very salty soil.


    The high temperature in different locations in Egypt assists in obtaining an early harvest by the beginning of May. Low temperature in winter also assists in obtaining homogenous buds and raise fertility.

    Water Requirements:

    Most modern grape farms are recently reclaimed surface areas and are irrigated by the drip system. The annual requirements are estimated in approx. 3,500 cu.m. per feddan (4,200 sq.m.) but is used with caution. Regular irrigation constitutes a large importance in avoiding the cracking of the grapes yield and also avoiding any negative effect on the following season.

    Nutritious Requirements:

    The soil is subject to regular investigation to gain knowledge of its content of nutritious elements and to develop the appropriate fertilizing program; taking into account some specific requirements.

    Harvest Period:

    The varieties of table grapes appear in the market for local consumption by the beginning of May till the middle. The quantities increase in the market steadily until the beginning of August and then start to decline until November.

    Harvesting Method: Manual picking.

    After Harvest Care:

    Special attention must be paid during packing. The fruit should be placed in chilled warehouses till it reaches the markets with the aim to preserve the freshness of the grapes.

    Technical Information

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    July (Week 29)
    August (Week 33)

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